Hippo Decorating Contest

First Place winners receive- 100$ Game Card to Austin Park and Pizza, & Hippo Shop gear.

Second Place winners receive- 60$ Game Card to Austin Park and Pizza, & Hippo Shop gear.

Best in Show Mini Hippo- Hippo Shop Nap Time set

Any size concrete hippo will be accepted.

Hippo must be decorated and/or painted by Child (under 13), with parental supervision/help. Any theme you have in mind go for it and please be Creative and imaginative.

Only 1 vote per IP address will be counted. If multiple hippos are owned, multiple submissions are allowed. Entries will be accepted through August 30th.

Voting will be opened on August 31st through September 11th and open to voting outside of Hutto.

Winners will be announced on September 13th via Facebook on @iHutto & @The Hippo Shop


Hippo Decorating Contest! 
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Over 13? No worries, check out iHutto's page for teens, adults, organizations and local businesses Hippo decorating.

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Precious Hippo
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Angel Hippo
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Nice Hippo
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Set in Stone Statuary has a great selection of Hippos at great prices. Oh... and Mini Hippos for 5$

Hutto Area Chamber of Commerce also has Hippos, but they are out of stock until the end of July.

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